Tuesday 17 October 2017 10:00am to 12:00pm
Graduate School

Martina Sheehan from Mind Gardener will run a practical workshop, sharing simple tools and techniques that anyone can use to stay focused, overcome distractions, and regain a sense of control in a busy life. You’ll learn how to tame a busy mind, make wise choices about what gets your attention, and care for this precious but limited resource. Boost your productivity, reduce stress and anxiety, and bring moments of true clarity and connection back to your life.

Students said: "It was valuable to get strategies I could apply straight away" and "There were some good tactics to help me stay focussed". 


NOTE:  Held at St Lucia Campus.  Exact venue to be confirmed.


About the Presenter: Martina Sheehan

Born in Melbourne, Martina has enjoyed a varied career, starting her working life as a mechanical engineer before moving into management roles in human resource management. She started her own strategic change consulting business in Brisbane in 1998. Assisting others to harness the potential of their minds is now Martina’s life’s work.

Martina has been transforming organisations, leaders, and teams with ground-breaking brain based development programs for the last decade.  She has built a reputation for “thinking differently” and she walks the talk. Her guidance has resulted in awards for her clients, and creates the sort of change can be sustained over time. Those touched by her intuitive approach will often say their experiences were life changing, a highlight not just in their career, but in their life.

Since co-founding Mind Gardener® in 2009, Martina has coauthored Wired for Life (her first book, published by Hay House) and delivered life-changing workshops across Australia. 

Martina is recognised as a leader in the area of the mind and has been a keynote speaker at international conferences.  She is called upon to guest lecture at Universities and has been featured in many radio, TV and media interviews.


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