Tuesday 14 November 2017 1:30pm to 4:30pm
Graduate School

Success in an RHD program can be made easier if you start off on the right foot.  This RHD Orientation session is designed to introduce you to various aspects of your Research Higher Degree program to ensure you understand the requirements of the program, and are aware of development opportunities, support services, and where to look for further information.

Orientation is compulsory for all commencing RHD candidates, both domestic and internationa.  International students please note:  There is a half hour session for you BEFORE the main Orientation session.  International student Orientation begins at 1:00 pm. 

Orientation includes important information about:

  • candidature, milestones, scholarship conditions, forms and guidance;
  • training and development opportunities which complement your RHD; 
  • support networks including the UQ Library, Association of Postgraduate Students and where to go if thing go wrong.

UQ RHD Alumni also share experiences in a panel discussion.

The afternoon concludes with a networking and 'information market' afternoon tea. 

AHEGS Approved: 
Career Focus: 
Your Research Degree
Research Skills