Wilson Chan
​PhD Graduate

Wilson Chan is currently employed as a postdoctoral research fellow with the HIFiRE 8 program at the Centre for Hypersonics at The University of Queensland.

Wilson came to UQ after completing a Diploma at Ngee Ann Polytechnic in Singapore. He was awarded a Faculty international scholarship and graduated with a UQ Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering with First Class Honours. After graduation he decided to continue his studies and enrolled in the UQ PhD program.

"Deciding on UQ as the institution for my postgraduate studies was easy; UQ’s Centre for Hypersonics is regarded to be one of the world leaders in hypersonic research. Who would reject an opportunity to do a PhD with such a prestigious group?

"The most memorable academic highlight was that of the first day when I was testing at the T4 shock tunnel facility. The excitement of doing experiments in a world-class facility, coupled with the worry of accidentally breaking this facility and the satisfaction when I got the first set of experimental results, made that day a really memorable one.

"I think the PhD program was really helpful in preparing me for an academic career path. The technical skills and research approaches that I learned are critical for the research that I am conducting in the HIFiRE program.

"In my current role of Postdoctoral Research Fellow as part of the HIFire team at the Centre for Hypersonics, my responsibilities include pre-flight performance assessment of the scramjet engine for Flight 8 of the HIFiRE program. This involves the ground-testing of the engine at UQ’s T4 shock-tunnel facility."

Wilson Chan
Wilson Chan