• Karen Olave

    "I was very keen to be mentored by someone from an Australian organisation."

  • Paula Kuo

    "Manage your time well at the beginning to allow you to take opportunities that may arise."

  • Ashleigh Shannon

    "The placement has given me the opportunity to gain experience in applied, translatable research, while helping me establish the right pathway for my future."

  • Thomas Clairfeuille

    “Not doing an industry placement is like closing the door to a potentially fascinating new world”

  • Eugene Poh

    "The stint at Princeton University contributed greatly to my technical development as I prepare for a future postdoctoral position."

  • Caitlin Brandenburg

    "I have applied some of the project management skills I learned to my everyday research work. This experience was a stand-out addition to my academic C.V."

  • Megan Rossi

    "The opportunities that have arisen from competing in 3MT are something that I couldn’t have imagined."

  • Wanida Phetsang

    "Should I join the corporate sector or academia? This experience will be an influential factor for me to make that decision."

  • Joanna Luke

    "It was wonderful just to be surrounded by colleagues on a day-to-day basis and build friendships and professional relationships outside of academia."

  • Sherri Hsu

    "UQ has offered me the best education to prepare me for what I want to do."

  • Wilson Chan

    "I think the PhD program was really helpful in preparing me for an academic career path."

  • Simon Tannock

    "I can't think of a place I would rather be to do my thesis."